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prepaid long distance
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pinless dialing

SPEAKLONGER dial-around long distance is for you:

  • Free $5 calling recharge for each $100 spent
  • No expiration
  • No connections fees
  • Direct Speed dialing - No more Access Numbers to dial, no more PINs to enter
  • No contracts
  • Easy dialing. PIN-less dialing feature works with up to 30 preregistered numbers
  • No monthly fees
  • Local Access saves you money
dial-around long distance

Very low international calling rates
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prepaid long distance

Calling rates from USA to:
Local Access Toll Free Access
prepaid long distance
Take advantage of our ultra low domestic and international rates without switching your current long distance provider. Prepaid long distance service is the right choice for you. No hassle and no need to switch your long distance carrier.

has the best international calling rates

prepaid international service for mobile phones
international long distance
skip-PIN rechargeable calling
 skip pin feature Read the frequently asked questions about SpeakLonger Long distance. Learn about PIN-less rechargeable dialing
low cost long distance

Making calls has never been cheaper. All you need to do to place a call:

  • Sign Up
  • Dial the access number
  • Dial the destination number
Speaklonger prepaid dial-around service provides maximum flexibility: call from mobile phones, home phones and even business phones; access your account online; make a recharge instantly.
international long distance
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