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pinless dialing

Direct Speed Dial Feature with SPEAKLONGER dial-around prepaid long distance service:

  • No more Access Numbers to dial
  • No more PINs to enter
  • No more long international phone numbers to remember
For each phone number you need to call, we will provide you with a unique U.S. and Toll Free Direct Speed Dial number. Instead of dialing an access number as you normally would to call to your party, you just dial either of these unique Direct Speed Dial numbers that will connect you to your party with no additional dialing. This means that you can enter this Direct Speed Dial number into your phone address book and call directly from the address book of your phone.
  • If you are calling from a phone with unlimited long distance service, like your mobile phone for example, you can dial the regular U.S. Direct Speed Dial number.

  • If you are calling from a phone that does not offer free long distance calls in the U.S., then you can use the Toll Free Direct Speed Dial number.
This feature is especially important for mobile phone users. Now, you can program your international contact numbers in the phone book of your mobile phone and make calls simply by selecting the name.
Direct Speed Dial
direct dialing
Direct Speed Dial is the simplest and shortest way of dialing from any U.S. phone, especially from your cell phone.

It's a revolutionary way of calling that simplifies everything. Instead of dialing an access number and then an international number, you simply dial one dedicated U.S. or Toll Free number for each party and we will connect you instantly without any additional dialing. This feature is the most useful for calling international numbers, although it can also be used for U.S. domestic calling.
international prepaid long distance
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