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FAQ SupportWhat is SpeakLonger.com?

Speak Longer is a prepaid long distance service. It provides low rate domestic and international long distance calling, without the hassle of switching long distance providers. Calls are placed using an access number, like a calling card. SpeakLonger.com provides a complete online user interface including access to your Call Records. SpeakLonger.com differentiates itself from products like phone cards and calling cards by providing many advanced features. Features result in reduced dialing time and error.

Some of the main features of this service are:

  • PIN-less Dialing
  • No Expiration Period
  • No Maintenance Or Connection Fees
  • 1 Min Rounding
  • Speed Dial
  • Automatic Recharge Option
  • Live Customer Service Support
  • Toll Free Access Number

A single Speak Longer account can provide service for several phones simultaneously - including cell, home and business phones. It can also be used from anywhere on the road - hotels, payphones, and airports.

Order your account today.

FAQ SupportWhere can I find an access number?

To find a local access number for your SpeakLonger.com account, use the local access number finder. SpeakLonger.com provides local access numbers in all major metropolitan areas.

The toll free phone number for Speak Longer was provided to you by e-mail when you first opened your account. To retrieve the toll free number for SpeakLonger.com, log into your account with your phone number and password. The toll free number will be posted on the upper right side of the page.

Using the a local access number will provide long distance calling at a lower rate then the toll free access number. If you have a nation wide calling plan we recommend using a local access number even if there is not one in your area.

FAQ SupportWhat taxes and/or fees are applied to this service?

A flat tax surcharge of 15% applies to all calls placed using SpeakLonger.com long distance services. There is an additional 99 cents payphone surcharge if you are calling from a payphone. There are no other charges.

SpeakLonger.com is a clean calling service. There are no maintenance, connection or service fees. We do not apply any charges in effort to make our rates appear lower. The only fees you pay with SpeakLonger.com are the standard per minute charge plus tax.

FAQ SupportHow does the Speed Dial feature work?

The Speed Dial feature for SpeakLonger.com allows you to store up to 10 international and U.S. phone numbers. Then, retrieve those numbers with a two-digit dialing combination. Making calls to your friends and family has never been this quick and easy.

To manage this feature you can either log into your online account and go to the Speed Dial section OR follow these instructions:

  1. Dial an access number
  2. While you are listening to the balance of the account, dial star (*)
  3. Select 2 to access the Speed Dial administration menu
  4. Select the Speed Dial code you'd like to review or change + "#" (for example, 1#)
  5. Listen to the current number assigned to this code
  6. After you hear the old number, enter the new number + "#" (for example, 01178123330085#) - OR - just press "#" to leave the old number
  7. Follow steps 2 to 5 to enter other speed dial codes
  8. Press "0" to exit the administration menu

To use the Speed Dial:

  1. Dial an access number
  2. Listen to your balance

Dial the Speed Dial code + "#" (for example, 1# or 2#, etc.).

FAQ SupportWhat is the Loyal Customer Rewards Program?

The Loyal Customer Rewards Program is intended to reward the loyalty of SpeakLonger.com customers.

  • Earn 1 point for each dollar you spend recharging your SpeakLonger.com account.
  • Once you have received 100 points, you are eligible for a FREE $5 recharge on your next purchase.
  • You can receive your free recharge after you have accumulated 100 points. FREE funds must be manually added to your account on your next recharge.
  • For every $15 spent, receive 25 - 50 FREE US domestic calling minutes. (Customers who entered a DVD promotion code will receive 50 FREE domestic minutes per $15 recharge. All other customers receive 25 FREE domestic minutes per $15 recharge.)
  • Your points are shown every time you place an order on the Recharge Account screen. If you have more than 100 points, you will see an option to select a free recharge.

These points have no expiration or additional restrictions. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our SpeakLonger.com Loyal Rewards Program.

FAQ SupportHow do I apply my reward points to my SpeakLonger.com account?

Once you have received 100 reward points you are eligible for a FREE $5 recharge. To use your reward points, you need to make a manual recharge to your SpeakLonger.com account. In the process of making a manual recharge, you will see an option of adding FREE funds to your recharge.

FAQ SupportHow do I cancel my SpeakLonger.com account?

To cancel your service:

  1. Log into your SpeakLonger.com account.
  2. Go to "Account Settings" and remove all the registered phone numbers.
  3. On the same page - make sure the check box for Automatic Account Recharge is not on.

SpeakLonger.com is a prepaid service. As a result remaining partial balances are not refundable.

FAQ SupportWhat is your return policy?

At Speaklonger.com we are committed to delivering high quality service every day. However, circumstances beyond our control may result in occasional disruptions in service. We will issue a credit or a refund in the following circumstances:

  • If you are charged for a call that was never completed (there was no answer). Upon verification, we will credit your account the amount charged
  • If you have an active account that you never used, and wish to discontinue the service

If you have unintentionally created two or more Speaklonger.com accounts and want to close the additional accounts, and if you were incorrectly charged for services not received or for which you did not sign up. In such cases, you must contact Speaklonger.com within 24 hours of the attempted call or discovery of the erroneous charges.

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