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FAQ SupportI signed up and ordered a SpeakLonger.com account, but the confirmation e-mail has not come.

All first time customers must verify their order with a SpeakLonger.com customer service representative. A SpeakLonger.com customer service representative will call you within 24 hours of your purchase. Customers wishing to expedite this process should call us for instant verification at (800) 891 - 7874.

Existing Customers:

  • Check to see if you accidentally deleted your confirmation e-mail. Make sure to check in your trash folder.
  • Check your "Spam Box" or "Bulk Mail" folder. Sometimes our confirmation e-mails get sorted out as spam when it goes through your e-mail system.

If you did not receive your e-mail or are unsure of where to find it log into you SpeakLonger.com account for information or contact us.

FAQ SupportMy transaction was incomplete, however my credit card was charged.

Most likely the charge you see on your credit card is an authorization charge. Meaning an incomplete transaction. This should disappear shortly (within a few days). Your credit card account will say "Authorization" "Pending Debit" or something similar, depending on the bank you use.

Authorization is the first step towards completing a credit card transaction. Often people who make gas purchases see this appear on their card. It is done to make sure there is sufficient funds on the card. If the transaction doesn't go through the authorization will disappear shortly. If it does not disappear by the time you receive your credit card statement please contact us.

FAQ SupportI am calling from a phone number that is registered for SpeakLonger.com PIN-less dialing, but it does not recognize my phone number.

  • It is important to make sure that you entered the correct phone number when setting up your account. To do this, log into you account and verify your phone number by navigating to the "Account Settings" tab.
  • Make sure you are dialing the correct access number. You can check, by logging into your account, or using the local access number finder.
  • Phones with caller ID blocking need to turn this feature off. When caller ID is blocked we cannot see the phone number you are calling from and therefore cannot begin billing on your account. Please dial *82 before dialing your access number to unblock caller ID. For permanent removal of caller ID blocking please call your local phone company.
  • If calling from a work phone, it is important to make sure the number you call from is consistent. Often times large companies purchase fewer phone lines then employees because each employee does not need an outgoing line. When dialing '9' to reach outside line you must make sure you always receive the same outgoing phone line.

If you are still having problem feel free to contact us.

FAQ SupportAfter entering the phone number I would like to connect with I received a message saying

Most times when you hear this message it is because you misdialed the phone number. International phone numbers are long and confusing to dial. Make sure you used the correct format when dialing your phone number.

  1. International calls: 011 + Country code + City code + Phone Number + "#"
  2. USA, Canada and the Caribbean calls: 1 + Area code + Number + "#"

If the error message continues to play, check the number you are dialing. Make sure you are dialing the correct international country and city code.

Other common problems are dialing before the prompt. Often people dial before they hear the "Please dial the destination number" message. Please wait for the message before beginning to dial.

The system allows 20 seconds to enter a destination number. Phone numbers not entered in this time will be truncated to the numbers entered in the first 20 seconds. 20 seconds should be more then adequate time to enter your destination number. For quicker more accurate dialing we recommend using the Speed Dial feature.

If you are sure you have followed all the steps correctly and are still having trouble, contact us.

FAQ SupportI do not hear a balance announcement before placing my call.

The balance announcement has an on or off switch.

To turn on your balance and minutes announcement:

  1. Log into your account with your email and password.
  2. Click "Account Settings"
  3. Click Balance announcement: "Turn On."

FAQ SupportI placed a call using Speak Longer, and was charged by my cell phone company.

This usually happens if instead of pressing the "#" key to connect the call, you press the "Send" or "Talk" button after dialing the destination number. Rather then terminating the call through your SpeakLonger.com account, it opens a second phone line and dials the number directly. This happens because cell phone plans include three way calling. Pushing the send key opens another line for three way calling.

Unfortunately, we have no control over such cell phone feature.

In order to prevent this from happening, you can request your cell phone provider to block all international calls dialed directly from your phone.

We also recommend using the Speed Dial feature to prevent this from happening. Use two digit dialing to call your friends and family rather then dialing the full phone number. This will save you dialing time and error. Dialing a two digit number and pressing send will not dial an international number on your cell phone.

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